• Vignesh LS

Design Thinking

Design Thinking has been making buzz for quite some years now. This has changed the way many product companies work. There was a time when companies came up with either creative or logical solutions but not both together.  Then came Tim Brown, CEO of ideo.com a design company who coined the process of thinking logically and creatively as Design Thinking which instantly changed the way businesses worked. This process can be divided into 6 stages which include EMPATHIZE, DEFINE, IDEATE, PROTOTYPE, TEST and IMPLEMENT.


This step is the problem finding path to apply the process. The spotter must empathize with the crowd having the problem as in most of the cases it isn’t one’s own problems that is being solved. This helps in understanding the WHY’s WHAT’s HOW’s and WHERE’s of the problem. 


This is where the problem statement is defined and formulated so that solutions can be found out using various other techniques. 


Now the problem is identified, defined and a solution is to be thought of. Hence this is where a solution is proposed and ways are put forward to find the fix. At this stage it is very important not to elide the already existing solutions (if any) but rather use them to unfold a better result.

Prototype & Test

What are you waiting for? You’ve found a solution to the problem to be solved. Isn’t it time to build the solution and test it initially before making improvements, initiate production and make an impact? If your answer is YES then yeah, GO ON !!! START and Change the NOW. Here taking feedbacks and improving upon them plays a vital role


Now its time to shed some light to the world with your solution. 

This process is followed by entrepreneurs these days to build a great product and now you can also follow suit and create an impact.

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